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Get Results Faster With Expert-Lead Services For SAP Business Objects

Our SAP BusinessObjects QuickStart - Time and Materials Offering is the easiest, quickest, and most-effective way for you to accelerate your SAP BusinessObjects migration or integration deployment, without the hassle of researching options.

SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 brings you significant platform and client enhancements:

  • New Web Intelligence functionality including custom grouping (introduced in BI 4.1 SP2), free-hand SQL (introduced in BI 4.1 SP6), geolocation charts, global input controls and shared components.
  • Create Crystal reports using Universes.
  • User Notifications - This is the feature which helps administrator to broadcast information to users
  • Faster Web Intelligence refresh times using parallel query
  • Linked universe support in Information Design Tool
  • Improved application stability courtesy of Apache Tomcat 8 and SAP JVM 8 and improved platform support for IE 11 and Java 8 JRE
  • Improved migration tools for customers still using older (and now unsupported) editions like XI 3.1
  • Recycle bin functionality means administrators can recover accidentally deleted content
  • Improved insight and system control for administrators via BI Administrators’ Cockpit
  • Analytical tool improvements.

Now Featuring Web Intelligence:

  • Shared Elements
  • Commentary
  • Geo Maps
  • Visualization Extensions
  • Direct Access to SAP HANA Views
  • Big Numbers
  • Parallel Queries
  • SAP HANA Online Mode

Platform Enhancements at a Glance:

Simplification of IT

  • Server Group Exclusivity
  • Virus Scan Integration
  • openSSL updates
  • X.509 Authentication
  • Security Updates
  • Rest Web Services
Enhancements for BI Administration
  • Fiori Styled BI Launchpad
  • NetWeaver Enterprise Portal
  • HANA SAML Test Connection
  • User Account Status
  • Document Instances
  • Inbox- Limit number of documents
  • CMS DB Driver


  • Search Enhancements
  • Promotion Management
  • Upgrade Management
  • Installer

With the enhancement in the 4.2 stack you will inherit the ability to remove the previous upgrade barriers with the improved upgrade process resulting in less downtime for patch upgrades.

SAP_GoldPartner.pngAs the leading SAP BusinessObjects partner in North America by category, we have further been recognized for the quality of our work and have many clients deploying/working with Business Objects, to business user benefit and bottom line company value.